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May 2007

Still in Roatan

Diving, diving and diving

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Not much new to report since the last entry about two weeks ago, as we are still here in Roatan, and diving most days.

There is a spot on the other side of the island where you can see some sharks, and we have done that a few times, although it costs extra. I will upload some pictures from these dives soon, but today I have no lead with me for the camera. So this is just a quick entry to say we are alive and well, and still here.
Tonight Alan has organized a barbeque, with a bunch of other people on the island, so that should be fun. The nightlife here is always good on fridays anyway.

More from us soon!

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Underwater in Roatan

Tropical the island breeze...

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Quick update on the last few days: diving diving and chilling out. The diving so far is decent, although the reef has taken a beating since we were last here. Lots of turtles, big groupers and morays to make up for it though.


We dive in the morning, and then we have a few drinks or nap in the afternoon - diving is tiring!

Alan is getting used to the camera, and for a few days he has been focused on macro - there are lots of strange little critters underwater here to take snaps of. Here are a few examples:




Its still hot here, but we are getting used to it (more or less). The good thing is, that the season is starting to slow down, which means fewer drunks, and smaller dive groups. Smaller dive groups = more fish. We are still diving with some great people though :)

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Getting to Roatan, Honduras

Busses, planes and taxis

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On May 2nd, we got up at 3 in the morning, to catch the bus we had booked to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. They only leave at this time every day. We waited and waited, but the bus never showed. So we had to wait for a travelagent that sold us the ticket to open, to get our money back. We then booked a new bus, with a more expensive company, in order to be sure to get out of there the next day.
We spent the rest of the day walking around Antigua again, and went to the jade museum.

May 3rd, we got up a 3am once again, to catch a bus. This bus at least showed up, which was great. And it was excellent service, they fed us, and took care of border formalities etc. The company is called Hedman-Alas, and are apparantly a Honduran company. Definetely worth the extra money!
We made it to San Pedro by two in the afternoon, and caught a taxi to the airport to catch the last flight of the day to Roatan. We managed to get tickets, and were on the plane, seabelts fastened and all, before they told us the flight was going to be cancelled. Damn. But at least the airline put us up in a nice hotel, the Banana Inn. This place was really cool - the name stems from the fact that the hotel is in the former headquarters of Chiquita in Honduras. the family that runs it are really nice! We were stranded in the hotel, with some very interesting people who were also on the flight, and had quite a nice evening out of it.

May 4th we went to the airport early. They had told us that we could not get a flight untill the afternoon, but through a combined effort with our fellow strandees, we managed to convince them to move us to another airlines morning departure, and so we finally made it to Roatan, after several difficulties!
A guy from the flight was nice enough to give us a lift to the West End, and we found an appartment to rent here. Quite sparse, but still it has everything we need; two bedrooms, and a kitchen. We went back to Coxen Hole, and did some shopping to fill up the tiny fridge.
Roatan instantly seemed busier than before, and there seems to be real estate agents everywhere! But it is nice here still, and certainly nice to be able to unpack for a while - quite exhausting to move around so much! And of course, we were both stoked to be back in the water, to do some diving.

On May 5th we went in search of a diveshop, and ended up choosing a place called Pura Vida, run by a great Swedish girl. She gave us a really good price on a package, as we are planning to do about 50 dives each here.
A great thing about the diving is it keeps you cooled down during the hottest hours of the day - and man is it hot here!

From may 6th till today - the 10th - we have just been diving during the day, having a few drinks at sunset, and then cooking dinner at night, and to bed early. This will more or less be our days, for the next 5 or 6 weeks, the main variation being the activities under water, and the people we meet as they come through here on their holidays. So far, we have already seen some great stuff, and met some great people, and gotten sunburned, and I'm sure there will be more of the same stuff - ahhh...

Here are a few shots of the underwater action so far:




The internet here is prohibitively expensive, so we will not be uploading pictures to Flickr untill we get back to the mainland. We probably won't be blogging as often either, but I will try to update it reasonably often.

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